Automatic Vacuum Cleaners

MyGenie™ ECO 500

MyGenie™ Dalmatian

MyGenie AP740

MyGenie™ Model XR210

MyGenie™ Model M388

MyGenie™ K6L Model

MyGenie logo with TMMyGenie™ is an intelligent robotic vacuum cleaner to help keep your homes spick and span! Designed to reach even the most difficult places, it will clean your whole house for you, unless programmed otherwise. No need to constantly watch over it because it will re-dock itself once it has completed its job or when it is running low on battery.

MyGenie™ comes in 4 models:

MyGenie™ ECO 500, XR210, M388, K6L and  Dalmatian can be used for cleaning all kinds of interior hard floors, vinyl flooring, carpets and timber flooring.


P1060649IMG_4928 K6L Mini Robotic Vaccum Cleaner 7 M388_Gold


*Authentic! UFO holdings is the exclusive distributor of MyGenie!

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