MyGenie AP740

MyGenie AP740 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner (Header)

MYGENIE AP740 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner FEATURES:

  • Intelligent Scanning System
    Calculate the cleaning time for the whole room.
  • Dirt detection function
    When AP740 detects a dirtier place or full of debris, it will increase the cleaning intensity
    and cleaning time to such an area.
  • Bagless or Disposable Box
    AP740 is designed to be bagless or having the option to use with disposable box for Clearing
    the dustbin, which is the breakthrough for user who are prone to dust, dustmite allergence
    or hayfever. It is the only robotic vacuum cleaner in the world with this disposable box option.
  • The mop which is made of high fiber, has high absorbancy of water. It can be used in wet and
    dry condition.
  • Purify & Freshen Air Environment
    Air Scenting with “Lemon” Fragrance to purify and scent the air environment
  • Multi-modes for cleaning
    Auto cleaning mode and Spot cleaning mode
  • Only 9.5cm height and 32cm diameter, can reach under the sofa and bed to clean
  • Virtual Wall
    It sends some special IR signals to deter AP740 robotic cleaner from entering the blocked
    off area. You can have your private corner without disturbances
  • Flexible Side Brush
    Single motor to control side brush’s work to make robot even more efficient at cleaning edges
    and corners.
  • Remote Controller
    To command AP740 within 10 meters range
  • Anti-falling function & Anti –Collision
  • Anti-Tangle with wires & Large Capacity Dustbin- 0.7L
  • Low noise:< 55dB. Battery Auto-charging Function with a Docking Base
  • Timing clean setting function for daily cleaning, vacuuming or mopping


Floor Surfaces Types MyGenie Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Cleans

* UFO Holings is the authorised distributor of MyGenie™ Intelligent Auto Vacuum Cleaner in Singapore.





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