MyGenie™ Dalmatian

Beyond all the basic cleaning functions and the competitive price, the new MyGenie™ Dalmatian is packed with more unique and powerful functions to meet various cleaning needs.


MyGenie™ Dalmatian Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is SMART!

  • Dirt detection function
    When MyGenie™ Dalmatian detects a dirtier place or full of debris, it will increase the cleaning intensity 
  • Virtual Wall
    Special IR signals will be sent to deter MyGenie™ Dalmatian Robotic Vacuum Cleaner from entering a Blocked Off Area.
  • Large Capacity Dustbin– 0.7L
  • Low noise: <55dB.
  • Auto-Charging Function with a Docking Base.
  • Anti-falling function & Anti Collision.
  • Timing clean setting function for daily cleaning, vacuuming or mopping.
  • Only 9.5cm height and 32cm diameter, can reach under sofa and bed to clean.
  • Edge brush to clean the wall edges and corners.
  • MyGenie™ Dalmatian is designed to be bagless in such way that you can wash the bin & dry it. There is a flap window to prevent the dust and dust mite from clawing out of the dustbin.
  • The mop which is made of high fiber, has high absorbency of water. It can be used in wet and dry condition.
  • 4 Multi-modes for cleaningAuto cleaning mode and Spot cleaning mode.
  • Remote ControlledCommand MyGenie™ Dalmatian within 10 meters range.



MyGenie Vacuums These Floor Surfaces


* UFO Holings is the authorised distributor of MyGenie™ Intelligent Auto Vacuum Cleaner in Singapore.


MyGenie™ Dalmatian robotic vacuum cleaner can meet GS/CE, UL, ROHS requirement and
other current international standards. Adaptors come with Safety Marks too.


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