MyGenie™ ECO 500

Beyond all the basic cleaning functions and the competitive price, the new models (MyGenie™ ECO 500) is packed with more unique and powerful functions to meet various cleaning needs.



MyGenie™ ECO 500 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner FEATURES:

  • Powerful Suction & Intelligent Suction Adjustment

    With a Suction Power of max 25W, the Intelligent Suction Adjustment will automatically detect and adjust accoring to the floor environment. This means that not only is cleaning more efficient, but it also helps savemore than 30% of its energy. 

  • Dirt detection function

MyGenie™ ECO 500 will automatically detect and adjust the cleaning intensity according to the amount of debris or dirt the place has

  • Considerate Designs

    Easy step-by-step operation with vocal guidance or tone confirmation.

    Wash the Dust Bin using only water!

    LED touch screen, Double filters (Primary & HEPA), two side-brushes, remote control and virtual wall.

    Very Quiet. Only emits 50 dB (One of the lowest noise creating robotic cleaner in market currently)

  • Various Cleaning Modes

    4 types of cleaning modes are provided to meet your needs.

    Auto Cleaning Mode
    The Robot will clean a room automatically and adjust its cleaning according to the situation.

    Spot Cleaning Mode
    The robot will clean more intense when it detects a dirtier area.

    Edge Cleaning Mode
    When MyGenie™ ECO 500 Robotic Cleaner detects a wall obstacle, it will start cleaning the edges and corner with its two side brushes.

    Scheduling Mode
    When certain time is scheduled, the robot will leave the home base and start working in the scheduled time.


Floor Surfaces

MyGenie™ ECO 500 is Great for vacuuming your Pet’s Fur too.

Your Pet' fur can be vacuum easily too


* UFO Holings is the authorised distributor of MyGenie™ Intelligent Auto Vacuum Cleaner in Singapore.





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