MyGenie™ Model M388

MyGenie™ M388 FEATURES:

  • Fully automatic with low-noise emission

  • Reaches difficult-to-clean areas like under beds, sofa, and tables

  •  Much more compact than bulkier vacuum cleaners

  • Ergonomical design

  • Comes with Hepa filter

  • No overseas shipping cost involved, absolutely local warranty (Singapore ONLY)

  • Can be remote-controlled

  • Light sensors for navigation along walls and obstacles

  •  Have sensors to detect stairs and obstacles

  • Virtual wall to isolate space for privacy

  • Returns to charging base automatically for recharging

  • Dirt picked up is easily emptied from a slide-out particle bin

  • Built-in rechargeable Ni-Ca battery, can use 60-70 minutes for each full charge


Watch the video here

* UFO Holings is the authorised distributor of MyGenie™ Intelligent Auto Vacuum Cleaner in Singapore.





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