MyGenie™ Model XR210

MyGenie™ XR210 Benefits & Features:

  • Elegant DesignIt’s designed to become part of the modern lifestyle living home design.
    Uses strong plastic material like ABS for the casing.
    Brushes are 4 strips and not 2 or 3.
    Make cleaning of corners and edges more thorough.
  • LCD Touch panelAdvanced and Convenient.
    Note: Not LED Panel.
  • Lower in HeightStanding at 8.7 cm.
    Hard to reach places is no longer an issue!
    Other Robtic cleaners? They average at 10.5 cm to 11 cm high.
  • UV Sterilizer and MopProvides super hygiene by eliminating ugly stains, bacteria and germs on the floor.
    Every step now will feel clean, smooth and healthy.
  • QuietNoise emitted at a low of 52 decibels.
    Vacuum now while your loved ones sleeps with minimal disturbances.
  • Multifunction Controller2 level Programmable timer (By Week or Time).
    With overriding cleaning path control that is programmable timer.
    Be on the edge of technology with MyGenie XR210 while other Robotic cleaners use the docking station.



Watch the video here

* UFO Holings is the authorised distributor of MyGenie™ Intelligent Auto Vacuum Cleaner in Singapore.






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