Cleaning Chemicals

Chem 3 Spot and Stain Removal

SafeClean Floor Cleaner

SafeSan Cleaner and Sanitiser

SafeClean Window Cleaner

Leather Care 3-in-1 (cleaner, conditioner, protectant)

SafeClean Furniture cleaner

Dustroy (anti-allergen spray)


FSafeChem World Loge JPEGrom SafeChem Industries come revolutionary cleaning chemicals that are gentle on the environment and the user. Compliant to OSHA communication standard, the chemicals are made from renewable organic sources and are declared safe for the the user and the environment. Yet they still remain high performing in their ability to remove the toughest of stains.

From the heavy industry, to the hospitality industry, to your everyay hoousehold use, SafeChem Industries have various chemicals for different uses. Go visit their website for a detailed description on the chemicals they have.



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