The Glider

The Glider: Single or Double Glazed Magnetic Window Cleaner


For Single-glazed windows (3-7 mm), use S1

For Double-glazed windows (8-19 mm), use D2

For Double-glazed windows (20-28 mm), use D3





MADE OF NEODYMIUM (strong yet light)

ERGONOMIC DESIGN for easy handling and quick cleaning

RARE EARTH MAGENET – One of the strongest permanent magnet in the world. Though light-weight, the Rare Earth Magnet is very strong. It does not demagnetise easily and will not fall off the window during cleaning.

FOUR SQUEEGEES  Each side has two squeegees each to provide excellent window cleaning quality. By cleaning and drying in a single-action, it saves time and energy.


*We recommend using TheGlider with our SafeClean Window Cleaner to achieve a brand new look for your windows.


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