Magna-Dry – The Cleaning Revolution

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Magna-Dry – The Cleaning Revolution uses a 3-in-1 Process to Clean, Sanitise and Deodorise.



CARPETS – Repair and restore without removing carpets from your homes to clean and air. We use a 5-Step Dry Capture process that does not use steam or boiling water,  and only takes 1 hour to dry.

CURTAINS – We clean right where they are hung. Our chemicals are safe for Indian Cotton, damask, silk and tapestry.

UPHOLSTERY – Our Magna-Dry process leaves your upholstery dust-free, allergen-free, clean and beautiful. Suitable for all kinds of frabrics such as wool, acrylic, vinylbacked, etc.

LEATHER – Using a 3-step process, we will revitalise your leather. The thorough cleaning, conditioning and protecting will make it look as good as new. Suitable for leather on sofas, chairs and car interiors.

MATTRESSES – Rejuvenate your mattresses and beddings and leave them fresh and ready for sleep on the same night. Our Magna-Dry process is especially good for cleaning and bad odours neutralisation of beds e.g. those in hospitals and nursing homes.

How It Works

Using patented equipment and a special blend of cleaning soutions, the Magna-Dry system removes dirt, germs and bacteria.

The Power Activator creates a Magnetic Field that attracts and pulls dirt out of the fabric to be cleaned. Then the Accumulator treats fabrics with a special ‘electrolyte’ solution to ionise the foreign particles. The Magna-Dry system then Analyses the fibre type and dirt condition to assess the right amount of chemicals to be used.


Magna-Dry is a Stainbuster that is tough on stains yet gentle on fabrics. It is able to remove stubborn stains caused by food, oil, urine, vomit etc.

All Chemicals used are Non-toxic and Environmentally Safe.

Magna-Dry’s cleaning process is extremely Effective and Long Lasting, hence reduces the frequency of cleaning.


Exclusive Treatments

Magna-Dry has a range of exclusive treatments specially developed to provide protection for you and your family.

Magna-Dry Fabric Guard protects heavy-wear areas with a safe waterproof treatment, giving maximum protection to your valuable carpets, upholstery, curtains and matttresses.

Magna-Dry Microban repels all cockroaches and creepy crawlies from carpets and upholstery.

Magna-Dry Miteaway is an anti-allergen treatment, that actively neutalises pollens and dust-mite faeces, preventing allergy and asthma attacks.

Magna-Dry Pet Film eliminates nasty odours from pet urine by neutralising ammonia and by killing the bacterial that breeds in soiled carpets.

Magna-Dry Stainbusting Treatment spot-cleans and removes ugly stubborn stains that damage your soft furnishings.

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