What is the difference between wet and dry cleaning?

Cleaning. This is something we all need in our everyday lives. But why does some item specifically require dry cleaning and what is the differene between wet and dry cleaning?

Wet Cleaning

This idea is simple: immersing your fabric in water, detergents, and conditioner, and gently tumbling it in a washing machine to make your it clean. The essential thing to wet cleaning is the knowlege of different types of fabric and how to treat them. Wet cleaning is considered evironmentally friendly because it does not use hazardous chemicals, or produce hazardous waste.

This is used in everyday laundry washing. However, what is different is that the detergents and conditioners used are specialised, milder and gentler than the laundry home detergents.

Dry Cleaning

What it is, is that it’s not wet, meaning that it does not use water. So how does it clean? It cleans using chemicals solvents to remove your stains and grease from the fabric. This is a method used for delicate fabrics that cannot withstand the rough tumbling of the washing machine.

However, most dry cleaning chemicals uses environmentally harmful tetrachloroethylene (PERC). While toxic to the enviroment, as a cleaning agent, it is stable, non-flamabe and gentle to most garments.

While Magna-Dry uses Dry Cleaning, its chemicals are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Organically produced, its waste are not harmful. Using the specially-formulated chemicals ensures that tough stains will be effectively removed without damaging your fabric. The treatment dries within the hour so no time is wasted!

Magna-Dry can be used to clean carpets, and curtains right where they are- there is no need for the hassle of brining the curtains down to have them cleaned.

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